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Through a series of devotionals, Trudy Cathy White invites the reader to grow in their own Christian faith and in their personal relationship with Jesus. Her sweet spirit shines through the pages of this heartwarming (and often funny) book. Ultimately, Trudy’s challenge to readers is to spend a few minutes each day preparing one’s mind, heart, and hands for what God has in store. He is with us in the journey, and longs to pour out untold blessings as we travel together … along the way.

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Trudy Cathy White

Trudy Cathy White is a native Georgian and the only daughter of Jeannette and S. Truett Cathy, the founder of
Chick-fil-A, Inc. An ambassador for the family business, Trudy has held various roles within Chick-fil-A including that of restaurant operator at just 19 years old.

Trudy and her husband, John, served as missionaries in Brazil and co-founded Lifeshape and Impact 360 Institute. A developer and encourager at heart, White served as the Director of WinShape Camps for Girls from 2003-2017. She is a speaker, author, dedicated wife, mother of four, and grandmother of fifteen. Every day she is fueled by her passion to be intentional with her influence.

In everything Trudy does, she is led by her commitment to obey God’s leadership, nurture family relationships, and promote godly character in the next generation. To learn more about Trudy, visit her website at trudycathywhite.com

I received this book as a gift and have used it as part of my daily devotions. Trudy’s sweet spirit comes through with each chapter and story. Very engaging and uplifting!


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